Cooler Bellhousing, KPV


Cooler Bellhousing, Series KPV

  • Dimensions acc. to VDMA 24 561
  • Rigid & noise damping versions in identical lengths
  • Easy interchangeability
  • Optional combination with footbrackets acc. to VDMA 24 561

Cooler bellhousing VDMA compatible, resistant to pressure peaks

Cooler bellhousings are now well established in a oil hydraulics. The company Raja-Lovejoy® GmbH presents a new series of compact coolers, which reaches far beyond a plain ''face-lifting'' and offers the users substantial advantages.

Raja-Lovejoy® was the first manufacturer to bring in cooler bellhousings with prismatic standard cooling elements available by catalogue. We present a new series of cooler bellhousings, namely the Series KPV.

The first cooler bellhousings on the market were usually equipped with a finned tube as a temperature exchanger, which – regardless of the unsatisfactory cooling power - was chiefly limited to leakage oil cooling. Prismatic cooling elements have improved the process and is now state-of-the-art.

By using prismatic cooling elements, it is possible to build the cooler in the mainly pressureless return pipe. However this can be the cause of pressure peaks, which cannot be detected with customary pressure measuring devices.

This is often the case, for instance, when a cylinder under pressure will be unloaded within milliseconds by means of an electromagnetic valve to the return pipe. Because of inertia and friction, it is frequently not possible to protect the cooler from the resulting pressure peak, which has in the past led to occasional breakdowns of the temperature exchanger in the case of recurring pressure peaks

Dynamic resistance to pressure

It became therefore top priority, during the development of the new series KPV, to integrate a cooling element, that withstands dynamic pressure loads without loss of cooling power. According to users’ requirements and by means of dynamic fatigue strain tests, a cooling element has been developed which continually withstands pressure peaks up to 16 bars. (Fig. 2.)


Cooler Bellhousing-KPV