Unbalance Measuring Systems
Unbalance Measuring System MC10

Measuring and evaluation systems for balancing machines require a universal, rugged and easy to use technology as well as a scalability (extensibility) for machine from the standard range up to sophisticated automatic balancing plants. This was achieved by splitting the measuring electronics from the evaluation electronics and using a Windows XP ™ operating system. By specific expansion of hardware and software components all balancing tasks can be handled.

Unbalance Measuring System MC10
  • Features
    • - External balancing electronics
    • - Deployment of a standard industrial PC as evaluation electronics
    • - Touch screen or conventional operation
    • - Ethernet and USB connections standard
    • - Software components are Windows XP ? based
    • - User guided calibration and settings
    • - Ready made software correction algorithms for:
    • - Radial / axial drilling
    • - Adding of compensation masses (incl. optimisation software)
    • - Milling (circular milling, segments .....)
  • Applications
    • - Standard machines
    • - Series balancing machines
    • - Customized installations in machine tools
    • - Retrofits

Technical Specifications
Applications Force and displacement measuring horizontal and vertical balancing machines

Measuring electronics:
Speed range
60....14,000 RPM. (standard), other speeds upon request
smallest measurable unbalance
down to 0.02 gmm, depending on the rotor and the machine
Measuring time 3 seconds minimum, depending on the rotor and the machine
Measuring method
Separating of the measuring signal from the disturbances generated by extraneous vibration by watt-metric measuring method
Hofmann CAN measuring bus, sensor connections
1 HU for cabinet installation, 450 mm x 45 mm x 300 mm (W x H x D)
Mains supply
110/230 V +/- 10 % 50/60 Hz
Industrial PC:
Operating system WIN 2000® / WIN XP®
RAM 128 MB min.
Hard disk: 10 GB min.
Interfaces USB, CAN measuring bus, CDROM drive (option)
Screen 15'' Touch screen
Data security Via USB stick, external hard disk, Ethernet
Logging Time and date function via printer, with customisable comment lines as numbers, list or single sheet documentation PDF file
Mains supply 110/230 V +/- 10 % 50/60 Hz